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Matthias is the Owner of the parent company Omneity which owns Hi5 Studios. Hi5 is a YouTube Network currently owning 6 channels. Those 6 are:

  1. Team Edge: Challenge Based Videos
  2. Battle Universe: Nerf Challenges
  3. Dope Or Nope: Matthias, Tanner, and Michael do unboxing and product review videos.
  4. REKT: Destruction Challenges
  5. Get Good Gaming: Matthias, Tanner, Connor, and Paul all sit in the same room and plays video games together off of a LAN.
  6. Fail Time!: Members from all around Hi5 react, or participate in messy or food based challenges.

As of 11/1/18, a Hi5 channel called Totally Trendy has been created with 23K subscribers, but doesn't have any videos posted on it yet.

Many of the employees own their own (vlog) channels about daily life around the Hi5 office including:

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