As of May 15th, 2018, Woods runs the channel and vlogs weekly life of members in the studios. On December 19th Hi5 vlogs were no longer called Hi5 vlogs

The channel is now officially named Woods. This channel will be run by Woods. Your favorite employees will still be seen in the vlogs and the vlogs won't change. The self-titled channel has 214k subs as of now. The content of this channel will be shifted just a bit, but nothing too major.

Background Edit

The started initially started in June 2017, where Matthias, Kevin, Mike, Joey, and Bryan ran the channel. The vlog Channel is now the Battle universe. The OG game master was Micheal Bedal; who is now the head of Chill Records which Cathrine Roze is signed to. Matt has more businesses coming out through Hi5 Studios, but isn't apart of i. Fun fact: Hi5 Studios was all started from Matthias's first video. The video was a cover of we are young by fun we can thank Matt for starting youtube and starting this crazy ride.

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