Joshua "Gunner" Gomez is the Creative Director and Talent for REKT, but it also a cast member for other Hi5 Studio channels.

Background Edit

  • He used to work as a Producer for the Matt & Amanda show.
  • On Team Edge, he was a cameraman before he worked as a talent.
  • He convinced his high school best friend and roommate, Tanner Malmedal, to join Hi5 Studios.

Trivia Edit

  • He studied at College of Southern Nevada.
  • He moved to North Hollywood, Los Angeles in August of 2015.
  • He is originally from Nevada.
  • He owns a side Instagram account where he posts portrait photographs.
  • He has a brother named Christian.
  • (Rumored) He was a drafted prospect for Major League Baseball
  • He is allergic to dairy
  • He's afraid of spiders especially tarantulas


Old PhotosEdit