Fail Time, managed by Ashley is a revival of many of the popular series in the past that appeared on the Matthias Channel back in 2015. Some of those videos included: Reading Your Comments, Photoshop Fails, etc. Fail Time occupies the old channel of “Team Edge Gaming” managed by Connor which ceased production as of December 2017 due to low view numbers. It was meant to launch in 2017 but was post-poned to early 2018 because they were focusing on getting Googly Eyes! rebranded to Get Good Gaming and launching REKT. 

Members Edit

In some videos it includes anyone from Hi5 Studios, including people like editors or others that don't show up in videos too much. Sometimes the video members will be the crew of a specific channel.

Topics Edit

The acquisition of comments and photos are done via Twitter using specific hashtags mentioned in the beginning of the video; like it was traditionally done in the past back on the Matthias Channel.

  • Photoshop Fails
  • Reading Your Comments
  • Channel Q&A (Would You Rather, etc.)
  • Food Based Challenges

Social Media Edit