Amanda Faye (nee Marucut) Fredrick is a YouTuber and married to Matthias with a daughter, Luna. She also has a YouTube channel called Amanda Faye (channel), and has a channel with Matthias called Matt & Amanda. hi

Background Edit

From her photography site,

"My husband has been heavily involved with film + music his entire life and knows his way around anything tech. I always found myself helping out on film shoots and behind the scenes + started getting quite curious and fascinated about photography being around so many cameras. My husband bought me my first camera in 2012 as a birthday gift and taught me how to properly use it. "

Trivia Edit

  • At least in 2014, she prepares her tea with stevia and almond milk.
  • Her favorite food is Mac and Cheese.
  • She is German, Filipino, and English. (Also, 1/32nd Native American).
  • She owns an Etsy shop where she makes DIY jewelry. It's called Gentle Spirit Jewelry.
  • She is a certified license cosmetologist.
  • She has a kidney disease.[1]
  • She started her business, Amanda Faye Photography, in 2013.
  • Her favorite Harry Potter character is Luna Lovegood.
  • She loves to bake.
  • She has a sister named Megan.
  • Her favorite TV show is Gilmore Girls.
  • Her favorite color is Turquoise.